Exercising Under the Influence: How Alcohol Affects Athletic Performance

Certain activities just seem to pair nicely with a cocktail or a cold, frothy brew. Watching football, for example. Or having dinner with friends. Or saving the world from villains like Auric Goldfinger and Dr. No while dressed in a bespoke tuxedo and driving an armored Aston Martin. But few people would ever associate exercise with excessive drinking. The two are simply too far apart on the “healthy lifestyle choices” spectrum. But here’s the thing: Studies show that the more consistently you work out, the more likely you are to be a tippler than a teetotaler.

The New Rules of Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

Every sport has its outliers, but if you run, cycle, or participate in any other endurance activity, odds are you have an aversion to strength training. Perhaps it’s because you don’t want to “bulk up” and have to carry around the extra weight. Or maybe you think that time spent lifting is time wasted in pursuit of your ultimate goal: Developing greater speed and endurance. But the reality is that if you want to realize your full endurance potential, you need to lift weights.